Scott McAlinn’s Sea Views

Who are you?

Scott McAlinn, Electrical manager for Teekay Shipping in our Glasgow office.
32 Years old, married with two children and a boxer named Lola!

I only recently became part of the Teekay Team. Previously I was a seafarer with BP where I was fortunate enough to visit many places around the world as Electrical Officer on several LNG and oil tankers.

What was your first experience of working?

Paper round at 13 years old. Working six mornings a week while still at school. Officially, I left school at 17 to begin my apprenticeship as an electrician for Balfour Beatty, day 1 was on the building site of a psychiatric hospital in Springburn.

What is your earliest memory of being on or close to the sea

I grew up in East Kilbride so my first real recollection would be from a family holiday to Torquay. I now live in West Kilbride on the Ayrshire coast and spend most weekends on our local beach with my dog.

Who or what first attracted you to the sea?

It was more of a career move that introduced me to life at sea, I enjoyed the industrial side of the electrical industry which led me to the oil and gas fields in the North Sea and then on to the shipping industry. From a building site in Springburn to the Singapore straits.

What do you like most about sailing and/or being at sea?

Tranquillity, A sense of calm as you sit on the deck watching the sunset after a hard day of work.
Also as a seafarer you are always looking forward to the next port call and the opportunity to explore

Who do you most admire for what they did at sea?

After the year the world has experienced with the coronavirus pandemic I admire any seafarer for the role vital role they play in world trade, going about their business, relatively unnoticed, transporting vital supplies around the world.

What lessons have you learned about the world of work?

Never to be scared to ask questions. The more you ask the more you will learn.
Take on new challenges and step out of your comfort zone to see progression.

Why should we care about the sea and have you had a wildlife encounter there that you’ll never forget?

We are now more aware than ever about how much our planet relies on the oceans and how we must make changes for the benefit of future generations.

You will never get tired of encounters with whales and dolphins. We recently took our children down to Portencross to watch seals being released back into the wild. My son is obsessed with sea life – might have something to do with Baby Shark!!

Where in the world do you most like to be at, on or near the sea?

My home on the west coast of Scotland enjoying sunsets on the beach with my wife, children and our dog. My second favourite place is Singapore, the shipping capital of the world – the place, the people, the culture. You will not be disappointed.

What do you know now about the sea and working life that you wish you had known before you left primary school and became a teenager?

The world is full of opportunity both on land and at sea.

You can be anything and anywhere you want if you work hard enough and remain dedicated.

With thanks to Scott McAlinn and Teekay Shipping