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Buoyed Up is also about what you can achieve, what you can become.

There are four kinds of support that will enable us to deliver more of our innovative Buoyed Up programme for more 10 to 12 year olds growing up in deprived communities across the UK and internationally.

We work as hard as we can to ensure that two thirds of Buoyed Up is delivered through the generous in-kind support of our maritime partners, volunteers and other contributors.  The one third of Buoyed Up that does require external funding is the core element of learning to sail over three days for every child, and transporting the children in class groups, to and from the sailing centres.

It costs up to £40 for one day’s sailing per child, to pay for instruction, equipment and facilities.  Depending on supplier, distance and the size of coach required, transport costs range between £200 and £350 per day.  We also need to pay for transport for each partner school for the day of the Buoyed Up At Work experience with our partners in the maritime industries.

Join our individual supporters and grant-makers who help us to meet these costs in delivering Buoyed Up for more than 500 children every year across the UK by making a regular monthly or quarterly or annual gift.

Two Thirds

of Buoyed Up is delivered through the generous in-kind support of our maritime partners

It costs up to £40

for one day’s sailing per child, to pay for instruction, equipment and facilities

£200 – £350 per day

for transport costs depending on supplier, distance and the size of coach required

Become a regular donor

Over the two years of benefits of Buoyed Up for each child, your monthly gift of £5, £12, £25 or another amount will pay for sailing instruction, for transport costs to both sailing and World Of Work experiences, as well as a growing portfolio of online and classroom materials.

The simple fact is that the more regular individual donors we have the more times we can say Yes to existing and new partner schools seeking Buoyed Up. With more regular individual donors, the more confident we can be in making future commitments to the schools, in saying that we will return year after year to help children growing up in areas and circumstances with far fewer opportunities.

To become a regular donor, please click here.

Award a grant or raise money

Grants and fundraised support, ranging from £500 to £10,000, have made it possible for hundreds of children to participate in Buoyed Up in schools and areas of specific interest to our supporters. Without these major contributions from companies, Trusts and Foundations, local organisations and individuals, we could not have got this far and could not aspire to delivering Buoyed Up for more children in future. You can achieve so much by making a major contribution.

To see examples of our major supporters, please click here.

Join our gifts-in-kind partners

Thanks to our gift-in-kind partners we are able to deliver more Buoyed Up programmes to benefit more children. They help us either to reduce our costs by meeting key expenses or to help deliver core elements of Buoyed Up, such as the World Of Work experience.

Since 2014 we have been striving to reduce the average cost of delivering Buoyed Up for every child. Back then it was £450. Today it is £300 and by 2020 we aim to get it down to £250. Achieving this goal helps us to widen and sustain the impact of Buoyed Up. Join us as a gift-in-kind partner and you will be making a significant contribution.

Become a Buoyed Up Skipper to meet and inspire the children with your personal story

We are always looking for people of all ages and backgrounds who have demonstrated perseverance and resilience to achieve success in their chosen field. If you are that person and you think you can create a stimulating and memorable hour with the children based on your life experience, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch to volunteer as a ‘skipper’. Volunteering would mean spending up to an hour in the classroom with the children in one of our Buoyed Up partner schools.

For more information on any of these ways of supporting us, please contact