BBC Documentary on Sir Thomas Lipton

An advertisement for the BBC documentary "Sir Thomas Lipton - The man who charmed the world". There is a photograph of Duncan Bannatyne holding a book.

“I was pleased to advise and contribute to the BBC television documentary on Sir Thomas Lipton, presented by Duncan Bannatyne. The programme catalogued Sir Thomas’s extraordinary achievements in his grocery and tea businesses, and highlighted his unwavering positive approach to everything he did. Through the sea, sailing and his multiple challenges for the America’s Cup he discovered many more reasons to adopt a positive attitude to life. That’s why his story and passion are at the heart of our Buoyed Up programme for children with fewer opportunities, on the brink of critical teenage years.”

Laurence Brady – Founder & Director of the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation

Further information can be found on the BBC Scotland website The tea tycoon who was ‘the world’s best loser.

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BBC Documentary on Sir Thomas Lipton